Friday, June 08, 2012

Copying and reposting patterns on the web

I shouldn't be having to post this but am having to update my sites with this note.... Any patterns posted on the net may NOT be reposted elsewhere without the express permission of the owner, even with their name attached. I am finding versions of my patterns posted on Ravelry and other places, with revisions I didn't make (incorrect by the way) and pictures I didn't take that don't even look like the project. Even if you add the designer's name it is NOT OK to do so without their permission. Only 2 people have permission to repost my patterns- Bev of Bev's Country Cottage and Carol Green of Relief Share. The same should be true for any designer. If you like a pattern or think it would be good for charity, LINK to it, do NOT repost it even with the designer's name without their permission.

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